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 sessions were tightly run, highly organised and enjoyable

Green APL Client Testimonials

We have coached many satisfied clients from a range of different sectors and backgrounds. Here is a flavour of their comments.

If you want more we would be happy to give you more. We can supply you with contact details of previous clients. They would be delighted to talk to you!

"Andrew came across as both professional and empathetic in all our conversations.  His rapport building skills are excellent and his questioning was astute.  He is an excellent listener and was supportive throughout the whole process.  I would not be as far on as I am now without his help and it was a pleasure working with him." - PMD, South Wales

"Working with Andrew helped create in our business a real focus on goal setting and achieving objectives. Adding structure to the planning and progress of the business was a new habit that developed out of our work together.

The sessions were tightly run, highly organised and enjoyable. Through eliciting the answers from you, Andrew allows you to understand that you often know what you need to do, it just needs bringing out!" - Pete Ruane, Didsbury Life and The Design Clinic

"Andrew provided coaching for an employee in our company.  Since then I have recognised a noticeable change in his levels of enthusiasm.  As a result, he is showing much more interest in playing an integral part in the growth of the business. 

He has now stepped right up to the plate…

He is now much more pro-active as a result of coaching and he now dares to follow through in a way he never has before." - Lynne Jacobs, MJL Coaching and Consulting International
"Andrew’s coaching helped me to significantly improve my approach in a number of areas.  His questioning skills brought some very interesting insights for me and enabled me to gain much clarity as to what was holding me back.  He was swift to gain my trust and establish a rapport between us.  I have much to thank him for." - SP, South of France

"Andrew really helped me to focus on my goals and encouraged me to set realistic targets towards achieving them. As a result I have achieved the first steps towards setting up my own business." - PM, Cambridge

"Coaching with Andrew helped me a lot to focus on my goals and hold myself accountable.  As a result, I have broken through some barriers which is allowing me to move onto the next level.  Coaching has also helped in my thinking and decision making process.  I am more confident to actually do things which I have decided should be done." - TA, Ontario, Canada

"Andrew was completely focused on my development and moving me forward.  In setting my goals he really helped me to explore what I actually wanted.
By the end of every session I felt motivated and excited about taking action.

He held me accountable, which was great, as it really instilled responsibility in me to take action. 

His ability to help me break my goals down made the process so much easier.  I gained so much more clarity on what it is I want to achieve.

I really enjoyed working with Andrew and got so much out of our sessions.  I would definitely work with Andrew again and recommend him to anyone." - JC, Surrey